In 1799, the Board of Chosen Freeholders of Gloucester County ". . . procures (sic) a poor-house in the County . . . to enable all persons who are a public charge to be provided for by said County. . . in the amount of $5,600 . . . " In 1816, a facility for people with psychiatric disorders was constructed on the present site.

In 1844, New Jersey legislators apportioned some land to help create what is now Camden County. For the next 16 years, Camden and Gloucester Counties shared responsibility for the building and grounds. Camden County purchased the facility and additional land from Gloucester County in 1860 about $20,000. In 1878 an award was granted for construction of a new mental health facility; additional land was purchased 12 years later.

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Over the years, the facility evolved to include additional buildings providing a broader range of healthcare services that addressed the population's changing needs. In 1924 construction for a tuberculosis care facility began; one year later an additional 234 acres was purchased from Gloucester County and added to Camden County. Further expansion into acute care services followed in 1933 with the construction of a 200-bed general hospital. In the mid-50's, the tuberculosis hospital was converted to a long-term care services facility.

In 1993 groundbreaking was held for a single state-of-the-art 226,000 square-foot building that would consolidate all clinical and support services that had previously been provided at nine separate buildings; dedication ceremonies for the completed facility took place on April 19, 1996. The Camden County Health Services Center earned a reputation of excellence among medical professionals and the community at large.


Although Camden County Health Services Center had been owned and operated by Camden County since its inception, spiraling operational costs made it untenable to continue. In 2013 the facility was purchased by Ocean Healthcare, a family owned and operated entity providing outstanding facility-based healthcare throughout New Jersey since 1973. Recognizing the very different scope of services provided by each of the distinct components, they chose to restructure the former CCHSC as two distinct entities, albeit under one roof. The skilled nursing facility commenced operations in November 2013 as Elmwood Hills Healthcare Center. The Acute Psychiatric Care Hospital began operations in May 2014, and is called Northbrook Behavioral Health Hospital.

The original vision of local officials was to ensure people benefited from the very best care from skilled professionals in modern surroundings. The ensuing 200 years reflected a continuing reaffirmation to that commitment. Ocean Healthcare proudly continues to uphold that mission, delivering outstanding and compassionate psychiatric care while introducing significant operational and clinical improvements to enhance the scope and efficiency of services..

Northbrook Behavioral Health Hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC).

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